Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flex Builder Tips

I am mostly writing a few good tips I learned a few days (before I forget). If someone accidentally  benefits from this link, then that his/her luck.


1. MXNA told me that asdoc comments in Flex SDK 3.2 onwards are now possible.
<!--- asdoc --> is the syntax.
2. Flex Builder Tip: ctrl+space before type and semicolon in a variable declaration, brings in an import namespace at the top.
3. Flex Builder Tip: Ctrl+shift+p does the trick of going from one '{' (block beginning) to end ('}). That is why I like vim, they solved this ages ago.

I think points 2 and 3 were originally provided by Mike morearty, though I am short of time to try and find related post.

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