Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Tale of 2 Murthys

Infosys comes out with a bonus issue on its silver anniversery. Just over a year ago, they had made a similar issue. Also, T Mohandas Pai leaves CFO post.

In my previous organisation there was no retirement age. How could there when all the hotshots were over 70. One leg in grave and another in office ...

Cynical me thinks that Infy's founders are pretty smart in advertising for their organisation. I have watched a lot of episodes of N R Narayan Murthy on his austere life and ethics to know that. There is no better way to publicise Infy than this.

Yet I really like the gentleman, his values and what he has done. If there is any biography I would ever 'buy' and read, it would be his and Sudha's.

P.S. (Disloyal) investor me has been obsessed with Infy's stock and has not traded much in them ever. Looking at the kind of individuals who manage it, it has been a cool decision
One who goes out of the door sure comes back!!!

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