Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cooler gone :(

Ashish Bhateja has finally come back from US. Most people would be happy once their former roomies come back -- for it means phokut ki chocolates. Personally I have lost that craze as the last 2 people who came back with chocolates, got back with bitter ones :)).

But this guy would stay alone, meaning 'our' cooler is gone. On a happier note, our flat had become a store house with 4 coolers and tons of other stuff dumped there. Atleast some khachra out of that would go now.
Infosys Phenomenon

One year ago, my friend and I had gone to meet a school teacher. Mrs Lalwani was a hard tough talking teacher who had thrown dusters at erring students at her time as missiles.

Unfortunately she never managed to hit the erring child, it was always somebody else who had to be rushed to dispensary. So we (passouts of MMS ...err not Multi Media Message of DPS RKP fame, but Mira Model School) were never corrected. But she was as persistent as ever.

On asking how we were doing and other pleasentries, she asked what we were doing. My friend was then working in HCL BPO and me in CSC. And she asked me why I didn't try for HCL?

And two days ago, Ashish and I were having dinner at a thakela tabela in Sec 12/22 Noida, when a gentleman sat himself opposite us. He worked in Haldiram's. Meina bhi tarif kar di haldiram ki...and Ashish ended up asking why the hell is a gujju working in Noida, when so many industries are there in his backyard.

He told us everybody from his parents to neighbors respect him, and tell strangers this lad works in HALDIRAM. And he told us that if we get a chance to work in Infosys, would we understand :).