Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Aditya!!

May GOD bless you with all the happiness you seek in this world, spritualistic(I don't know if this qualifies in your context) as well as materialistic(I'm pretty sure here). Enjoy the blessed day and now you are one year more near to break your virgin status ;-).

I wish you many happy returns of the blessed day. Amen!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Eyes wide shut?

I am living without my specs since past week. My last one broke into two pieces and am too lazy to get a new one that early.

So, our team had to give a demo to big bosses on the limping features. It was very nerve-racking. One night before the demo none of my 2 features were running. They simply crashed (which is not to say they wouldnt crash now ;)).

And as we had learned in college, everything completes at the last moment. I learnt only this, what else could teachers who didnt know how to shut down a PC or send their own mails teach.

I wont put more than this, reason:
Mark Jen

Other juntas demo was rock solid. And since it was technical, and nothing irrelevant happened, I am not going to describe it.

My presentation:
At demo time, the conference display was very from our laptop, and I couldnt see anything that I was typing. Luckily I had remembered exactly where where each folder is, and what number an option is :), so I gave the demo. Instead of doing OK, I cancelled :), and the feature still worked.

Sometimes, I selected the wrong file (its number was rather wrong), or a wrong feature popped up.