Saturday, July 30, 2005

Course in bad design?

Check out ABN AMRO.

Its maintained by one of the firms (Infy) I admire and have loads of shares of (where tintin worked), but the site sucks.
Really sucks big time. So much that, I want to punch those idiots who made this site.

Every time I visit this site (and I try not to visit it..I last logged in 3 months, and this is my salary account bank :(( ), I want to cry.

Why on hell would the screen size of the site, be 1/4 of the whole screen. This is not a mainframe. Luckily I have found simple operation like transaction details of my account, on fourth trial. Everytime I log in, it decides for me that transaction password be changed.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Security Stuff (that I dont understand :( ).

This is a cool stuff, you can log on to any company pc crossing all the firewalls using one internet connection, you can even take control of the printers in addition to mouse, keyboard and clipboard....Works for windows, don't know if it will work on linux machine.. Setup is very easy, just configure your office machine and control it from home...amazing. Now I don't need VPN to work from home. Aditya, you can start working from home if you need to work over weekends.

Here are few of the my recently best read articles -

Jack kilby, the reason we are where we are, passed away. I got to know about him today only who had literally changed the world.

What do you think of the bypass surgery?

Google - Where is it heading? I hate Google community? or I love Google community?

Learning - Never shy away in writing to CEO's of the companies, Ask for the help!!

All about Entreprendre!

Differences in Asian and American leadership style.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Corporate anniversary

2 Years working like an a**...

Hurrah..I didnt know it had already been 2 years since I joined the corporate world, until my mother congratulated me.
And I thought she was congratulating cause papa is hell bent (is he?) on putting up classified for me.

And congratulation to Rajiv, Rupesh also for having survived.
I was just thinking there is not much interest in doing job anymore, may be that fire-in-the-belly of a fresher has finally gone. Already feeling like a old dog here :).

Monday, July 11, 2005

War on Terror?

Few things in life are as catastrophic as parents hurling missiles of girl biodatas/photos at you, and saying "marry now".

And like Britain, I was with my parents (USA) in all this torturing our elder brother (Russia) in giving in his 'freedom'. Well, bhai's 9/11 has happened already. He hasn't faced doomsday, but terror strikes are part of daily life.

And like UK, I got taste of it this week when my papa after having given up on forcing me into buying a tank
decided I must atleast marry as my health is well 'unwell'.

7/7 has happened for me.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekend reflections

No, this is not about reflection and introspection APIs. You can read further..that is if you are interested in knowing me.

There was a good series by Rajesh Jain ...
Tech Talk

Regardless of the name, it has nothing to do with technology, except that it's written by a super-techie. And the main point in them was how to spend time we have. And this post is just about how I spend it.

Mon-Friday: Work like a dog. No blogs, minimal emails, read newspapers in office.
Friday evening: Leave early, try to meet a college friend.
Sat morning: dial randomly a college drone. Read blogs. Did you try rssowl? Go out shopping with family.
Sunday morning: Read businessworld. Start reading a book and try finishing it if its small.

Now..tell me where is the time?
By the way another good link Paul. at least read
Hiring is obsolete