Sunday, June 19, 2005

A nice post by reporter (formerly ?) working at Zee backed Unannounced newspaper in Mumbai.
Its quite funny...
Media Bitch

Got the link thru...
Shivam Vij

Arre kabhi kabhar to aisa man karta hai ki Cobol Sciences Circus? ke baare mein bhi likh hi dun...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lifecycle of a blogger...

Interesting read --->
Blogger Lifecycle

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Slime Of India ? No, Just Medianet.

I had keeping track of this story for quite some time, and I visit a journalist's blog Mall Road just for the heck of it...

Visit this article in free time:
(To be fair to TOI, Mid-day is a stauch rival as TOI is attacking bombay with its latest launches).

BTW, Benett Coleman is a powerful group (1500 crore revenue, national media leader?), so they sued Mediaah.
How VCs and non-geek CEOs ruin the fun?

Remember "Pepsi to Apple" -- famous book by John Scully, about how from almost becoming CEO of pepsi, he got invited by Steve Jobs to head marketing at Apple; how he took control, and along with board threw out the real apple -- Steve :). There is even a movie on this. And from a fortune 500 giant --- Apple almost died.

He made the most idiotic mistakes of all time by making Apple Newton - a PDA which never completed/took off. It had hard-writing recognition instead of some touchscreen :)).

Similar, story about Phil Greenspun ArsDigita

A good cartoon strip on VCs:The VC

And Eric's nice article on Make more mistakes