Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Must Reads for a geek

For a while I was thinking of adding to my wish list of books that must be read for a S/W guy. So, here is a compilation by an expert.

Interesting link -->
Joel on Software Reading List

I would put up my own list some time later. I have written it on a old piece of paper, but would definetely put it on net sometime (although not like this guy has done, seems he has no other work ;)).

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Great Noam Chomsky

After watching all the stupid HBO/Star Movies stuff...I hit a good site today.
While wasting money past year on stupid CL, we got some good authors name to study...

After cool 8 months, I finally hit the site of Noam Chomsky and read one of his essays. It is very informative and equally boring much like what effect creativy guy (Edward De bono) or Arun Shourie has on me. Rajiv and Shahi would understand :).

But if you have time, then at least study one of his essays
(like Human rights) , favourable comments from Arundhati Roy (comments), and at least one critique on the guy. I remember Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati calling him a "leftist" (Arundhati is also a 'leftist' for Jagdish).

Happy Reading. I do plan to buy "necessary Illusions" book on the role of media in creating propoganda and public opinion some time.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Boost for the ego (with left-hand compliments in b/w -- Shahi speciality):

My name in the contributer's list has been compelling me for long to indite something here.. but then I've another place to arrange my thoughts...So today as I went through Nitin's Flickr and was putting a counter to his unjustified comment about Aditya's snap.. I felt like doing more justice to this guy than a small quip.. and then I knew the proper location to do that....So here I go...

Aditya is the one of the cutest thing that happened in my life... He himself is not aware of his precious qualities.. This is one of those guys whom you keep on exploring as the time passes.. and you keep finding many hidden treasures.. untouched, untarnished from the ways of this blasphemous world. He is a simply straight forward, disciplined and practical in his approach towards life. I won't mention here about his superb intelligence and a good IQ... or did I!! He is too simple to understand the complex emotions.. I wonder sometimes.. how does he simplifies his life... applying some algorithms here also... (By the way, he is extremely logical and unparalleled techie.. ofcourse I'm speaking on a higher note..). He knows what he has to get... reaches out for it and simply gets it... I didn't understand or haven't been able to sense any modulations in the wave of his life while all his struggles for any aim (although I believe I am too good at it... I can see many raised eyebrows.. ofcourse many of my frnds won't admit publicly that they agree implicitly to this FACT).

Aditya has a quality that none of the femme fatale out there can resist getting seducted towards him... ahem.. platonically not sexually... He is too CARING which Rajiv and I agree unequivocally. One thing about which we used to get irritated with him was his missing company on weekends... He always flees away on weekends from Noida to Delhi (his home where he owns 3 cars and here he rides some 40's bike) when its time to have FUN...(no debauched thoughts plz).. actually this shortfall in him has a bigger brighter side... "He is MAMA's son" (Someone important incidentally quoted it for me).

Why I alluded him as cutest was because he keeps doing many things unknowingly which you simply love observing. He never knows it... even after it happens... he is so simple that nothing is unusual in those acts for him... Aditya is a walking encyclopedia of Hollywood movies, never try playing visual-charade(term coined just now) with him.. before frames of scene may pass before your eyes... you'll know the movie as you have seen it several times. He has a good general knowledge and yes... his roots are from Khalilabad, a place near to GORAKHPUR. (By this time.. you might have known why I say vanity is my favourite sin... just see the usage of I and things about me... in a write up about somebody else... bad habits die hard... you know)

Oh how could I forget to mention his eternally supportive help in initial technical tests during our training. I was his neighbour all the time during campus joining batch training in CSC. I wonder if I would have passed any of the training tests without his help.

Final concluding thought... He is our SERENDIPITY.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wrong Code?

Good article on How to make Wrong code look wrong. And why doing it sometimes might be craily uneconomical...reminds me of my urges to fix up the crap written in STMG at CSC, and why mai-baap (Ashish) shouted on that. I just wish he could have explained...

Monday, May 09, 2005

cathedral and the bazaar

Heard about the famous book 'cathedral and the bazaar'?

It is an absolute must for an IT guy to read along with 'mythical man month' which I have not read but I would someday.

Check this -->
Eric S Raymond

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Chatter Bot.

Check out this site related to chatter bot. It is a real fundu thing.
Chatter bot
Here is what I talked last with the bot.
Human: What is your philosophy for life ?
ALICE: Reductionism.
Human: and you believe in religion?
ALICE: I am a Protestant.
Human: Why are you not a catholic?
ALICE: Perhaps later I will be a catholic
Human: Do you hate other religions?
ALICE: I try not to hold grudges

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Here is a wonderful link to study about source control management from an expert in this field.
In CSC, I used a very simple SCM tool called MS Visual Source Safe, which is for beginners.

But at my new place, I have begun to appreciate what multiple platfroms and multiple products, teams can do to a project. So here goes the link -->

Eric Sink
Family Trivia

Jay is coming tonight after a long time from Jaipur. His leaves have started, and what better to use to make of them than to visit Granny's home. Ma-pa, achi mama are waiting since morning.
The Geek himself

This picture is self captured using Ashish bhai's mobile, transferred over bluetooth to my home computer, and then posted on the blog using hello with picasa through my new MTNL broadband connection. The connection rocks !!

I never had so much time to do so many things on the net. Err...I dont know what use is this net anyway ..but for now center of gravitation in our home has shifted to computer and laptop.

Bhai has hacked so that both Laptop and Home PC can now access broad band simultaneously using a proxy server over blue tooth. And I thought proxy servers were for use in CSC only ;).

Monday, May 02, 2005

Larry Page's graduation speech -->

Interesting read.