Thursday, April 28, 2005

An angry post by a senior to my views on alumni group regarding not inviting teachers to the list. To be honest, I found the mail an interesting read :). Here it goes:

Mr Aditya Pandey,

This letter is not at all to argue on to enroll some teacher or not. Basically, If they want to join, can someone stop?So, thats not that important to me to here- they join on request or voluntarily.

What TORTURES me here MOST is the Irresponsible words you have used for Vijay Mam - "I found her dictatorial"!!!
I am TOTALLY SHAKEN and frustrated by such fraud words, you have used for a Mam who is a live symbol of Honesty and Discipline and sincerity at most.

Had you used such words 'dictatorial' for real Dictators of their times like Musharaf, Bush, Saddam- I could have appreciated you well. But, sorry, here it comes revolt from inner...
First rule to remeber- "Freedom of _expression does NOT mean Freedom of illegal, arrogatory words".

I am not taking bias of Mam Vijay Laxami just at all. To be honest, my relationship with Mam is same as your absolutely- GURU-SHISHYA relation that has been running since ages in pios land of nation like India. I speak here not because she has been not just only GURU of me/you, but she has been a pioneer and leader in setting examples in MNIT to reform spirit of Enginnering Education in light of basic ethical values like Honesty, punctuality, discipline, integrity.
She is not just one of architects of soft Engineers like u and me, but also has successfully re-engineering the vision and message we take to corporate world and society while exiting MNIT.
Think over minimum three times before using such irresponsible words for your Guru, A Guru is said to be next to God in simple language. These mails also goes to students who are still under-graduate in MNIT.

I ask you simple Q- If she is 'Dictatorial' in you words, then Can you go to MNIT and take lead for non-dictatorial teachership?
By this time, you might have started calculation in terms of Rupees and Dollars!!!

Does Mam Vijay is equipped with less sharp and shining intellectuals than you or me or us, so that she can not earn in Dollars?
But might be that, she strives for Doctrines and not Dollars in her life- The Doctrines that act as 'Doctors' of mental disabilities/dieseas of 'Engineers' like me and u.

She is serving the MNIT and so nation as a whole with full of her strength and energy at her personal sacrifices also.
Her shining dedication, devotion itself is witness to prove all that.

A few reminders again in last-

Like, A court without a 'code of fair punishment' is NOT court but just a yard of statues which can yield frauds like Laloo and more wild ones.A Teacher without 'code fair punishment' is NOT Teacher but just a Preacher. A Preacher jus preaches and goes away to next village for preaching., but a teacher ensures, what I preached yesterday is followed and digested well. A teacher shapes life of Disciple thru code of conduct where discipline and hard-ship are natural must.
There is nothing wrong if some hardship is introduced. Remember- Gold becomes Pure only when it is put into flames! Land becomes prodictive only when it faces heat from sun.
There is difference between Discipline and Dictatorship, punctuality and pressure.

If you get time, visit some GURUKULAs, where u will see a REAL relationship of GURU-SHISHYA. If u want some addresses, I will give.

She is not among those who can 'sell' marks in lue of CHAPALUSEE. She is brand ambasaddor of brand values that shapes future and fortune of many like us.

I request you do self-analyse and develope Vision as pure as Diamond and take ur words back.

I request all to strengthen senese of respect and devotion for Teachers who had Engineered the building blocks Engineers of nation.One can see here the Ideal Devotion to Teacher (Guru)-

Regards to all offense to none,
Vande Mataram.

My original mail:

From: [] On Behalf Of aditya pandeySent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 5:20 PM

To: cse_mnit@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [cse_mnit] Digest Number 497

I wont vote for that. I remember Vijay laxmi ma'ambeing a bit too strict and overly formal. To be honest-- I found her dictatorial.Teachers have their own problems/weaknesses etc., andI feel this group is more informal alumni group --involve teachers and at least those in college willnot put anything on this group.This is personal opinion -- only my view. You may/maynot subscribe to it. Please feel free to flame :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Fresher Struggles

This is the underbelly of indian IT industry -- which does all the real work -- Freshers.
They work till odd hours as they have to learn (also cause they are naive, a bit too ambitious).
I was a fresher -- when nobody looked at my profile. No recruiter/consultant touched my CV, or called up.

I have been trying to help an exact similar case from my former firm -- from the initial attempt -- it looks like it would be tough for this guy. He has already been rejected at my firm -- and must say things are not really look up.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Market Cruelty

April time is so cruel -- even market's darling Infy's boss Narayan Murthy had to say he does nt understand markets.

ST M shut its EDA division finally after 5 years just when they had launched their product, some companies got acquirted.

Its more like Appraisal time -- only difference being appraisal of whole companies/division.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Accident time.

Well if one drives down the road...accident would take place. I had an accident today morning while coming to office.

I was not much hurt -- just some blood on typical palm and knee area (how many times does these get hurt), but the riksha wallah...with no injury was acting if a truck had hit it.

Scary thing about accidents is the people who collect around you -- these people were gentler -- not more than 3 people gave me a sermon, and nobody was overly aggressive- after I had paid money to the riksha walla ;)

So, I would think twice before entering into an accident-- cause if you dont get hurt physically -- monetarily you would be :(.

Monday, April 04, 2005

team photo on acrobat reader linux release at Radisson
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