Thursday, February 24, 2005

Joining days at Adobe

Well, the place is good in terms of facilities offered -- I particularly like the concept of phokut ka khana, pina (nahi daru/vodka is not available yet).

These guys have made each cube as a lab -- come on I dont need 3 computers in my cube -- esp. when I use only one to chat!

Now I have found the real reason for my exit from CSC -- -those idiots had stopped Yahoo Messenger. Is there any life without it! No wonder I felt lifeless, limited in CSC in my last days -- I could not yahoo !! Preemita listening ?-- include this in your exit interview analysis.

Monday, February 14, 2005

MTNL Employee

Now I had heard that people talk on phone/walk during sleep, but some people dont have sanity even in day time. Especially if this junta is from a sarkari daftar and that too from telephone department.

Yesterday, Mr Kataria (a MTNL engineer) called at home saying he needs to talk with my father now.

Said "it is an urgent call and I have to talk to your papa now!"

I said "I cant give papa our phone as he is taking a shower" .

"Ok Ok !! Boy, give his mobile number. I will directly call him there".

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rupesh Shahi has been pressing me to add an entry for him in this blog. Considering his antics, his description demands much more than this short description. Neverthless, this is the best I can write:
I have met weird, arrogant, insane as well as angels but never met a wider mouth like Rupesh Shahi :).
I know more about HBTI Kanpur than my college. In some time, I would know more people from HBTI than my college. If you need a brand ambassador for some thing or for some one, contact him. You would be a demi god next day. Literally. So, if you can keep your feet on the ground, you would not find a better motivator than this guy. P.S. This is not an advertisement for Shahi Consultants that have made a business out of referring and getting selected infosys junta into CSC.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Time for moving on. I have resigned from CSC on 25 Jan 2004. Looking forward to joining the new place.

I cant believe things change so fast. Till last year, when I was a fresher -- nobody cared. Now, consultants have spammed the mail box!